Pokemon: How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into New Slowbro In Sword And Shield's Isle Of Armor (2024)

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The Galarian Slowbro has a new look and an exclusive Poison ability. But evolving him from Slowpoke isn't as straightforward as you might think.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield has received its first big expansion, the Isle of Armor, introducing a host of classic Pokemon back into the game along with newcomers like the story-centric Kubfu. One of the standout additions is Galarian Slowpoke, which can evolve into a Galarian Slowbro. But getting him to evolve isn't as simple as leveling up like most of your monsters. Here's how to get him.

Slowpoke actually plays into the Isle of Armor in a few different ways. All players were able to obtain a free Galarian Slowpoke when the DLC was first announced, as a teaser of things to come. One of the dojo challenges asks you to chase down some uncharacteristically speedy Slowpokes.

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Slowbro has a brand new look, with a Shellder acting like a gun-arm. It also comes with the exclusive Quick Draw ability and Shell Side Arm move. Nintendo has already teased a Galarian Slowking coming in the Crown Tundra DLC this fall. So you'll definitely want to add this exclusive to your roster.

The Hunt for Twigs

While you're exploring the Isle of Armor, you'll often see shiny flashes around the ground, and especially around trees. Interacting with those hot spots will net you an item like a free Poke Ball or consumable like normal, but you'll also occasionally get an item called a Galarica Twig. That's the key to unlocking Slowbro, but you need to gather eight of them before you can use them, so keep searching the island.

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Cashing In Your Twigs

With eight twigs in hand, head southeast from the Dojo, across the water toward a small island that looks like a tunnel. You'll probably run into a Sharpedo on the way, since it will catch up with you faster than you can make it to the island.

When you reach the island, you'll find a woman who offers to take your twigs and craft them into a new item called a Galarica Cuff.

Have her craft the Galarica Cuff and then use it on your Slowpoke. It's important to actually use the item, not just have the Slowpoke hold it, because only using it will trigger the evolution. Your reward will be the evolved Galarian Slowbro, and if your move slots are full, you'll be prompted to forget one to learn the exclusive Shell Side Arm move.

Quick Draw gives you a chance to go first, while Shell Side Arm is a Poison-type attack that inflicts either Physical or Special damage, whichever will be more effective.

There's one more reward. If you talk to the crafting woman again, she'll comment on your new Slowbro and give you a special sweatshirt, with the style type "Bro." Very fashionable.

You can also keep having her craft new Galarica Cuffs to evolve more Slowpokes that you find around the Isle of Armor, but you'll need to keep gathering eight Galarica Twigs for each Slowpoke you want to evolve.

For more on the Isle of Armor, check out how to access the DLC, how to teach Pokemon to Gigantamax, and what you'll get for unearthing every Diglett.

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Pokemon: How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into New Slowbro In Sword And Shield's Isle Of Armor (2024)
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